Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 Attacks

It seems like all that ever happens in Hrimgar is being under fire, these days. About four days ago, I was relaxing by the falls after a long day of traveling, only to find Shock getting fired arrows at by that irritating panther. She has been captured at least twice now, and just keeps coming back for more. I think we ought to cut her feet off.

No more than a day later, I was standing lookout for that nasty panther, had only just met a new member of the guild, when some gigantic white beast of a Kur came smashing along the path. We fled and took cover in the encampment, and the beast left us alone. Returned to the tavern for a drink, but there were no kajiri present to serve. What one needs, after a long hard day, is a good horn of mead. What kind of Northern city do we live in when one cannot even get that?

Of course, all of this was followed by the most spectacularly stupid display of events. A tribe of about five or sex foreign panther women arrived overseas on a ship in our harbour. The High Jarl, amongst others of us closed off the village like a fortress and shot them full of arrows, after capturing three, the others fled. They did not speak Gorean, but what little they did spit out was nothing but insults, against Eily, no less. You would think a panther might admire her, but no, they called her a kajira. Probably a poor choice of words when you are bound. Any possibility of trading was off, and the panthers were quickly disposed of.

Today, I intended to go traveling locally. No sooner do I make a few steps down the path out of Hrimgar when I came across the harbour master and one of our own boys. Apparently there had been some manner of skirmish with Silver Tree over a slave... or something. It was never properly explained, and I couldn't care less.

And in addition, when I did make it to Kalana Woods, but a few days before, they were under attack by a city I have never heard of, called Einar.

In short, it seems like all that we ever do these days is get raided or attacked. It seems to be too dangerous to linger any longer. I may go traveling for some time. Travel is never safe, either, but at least I will know to have my guard up, and the opportunity to gain new experiences and wares. I'm questioning calling Hrimgar my home, if it will be under such constant threat.

"It is not uncommon for panther girls to first make contact," said Rim, smiling, "with a hunting arrow in the back." (Hunters of Gor, 79)

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