Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Hall

Did some travelling out to Kalana Woods. Met the "woodsmen" (Outlaws) there and gave them a sample of some wares. They have invited me back, and I should return soon. More importantly, during this time I came across Silus, who indentured himself to me as a swordsman/protector. He has a good character about him and a long and substantial history as a slaver. His blade will come in most useful during travel through dangerous regions.

Was served mead at the Long Hall tavern by a boy and a girl whom I met on the docks. I cannot remember much beyond that, except that I awoke with a nasty head-ache. I suppose I had too much to drink. I really should be more careful with excessive mead... But the stuff is delicious.

Also, the mohawked warrior did something rather startling today. I am unsure whether I will be able to go back to stay with him again, as I had a standing invitation to his mead and his floor.

"Such places, regardless of their cost, their location, their appointments, the excellence of their food and drink, the beauty of their slaves, the quality of their music, existed, as did the tavern of Hendow, for the pleasures of men." (Dancer)

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