Monday, February 14, 2011


Washed up ashore at the docks of the Northern Expanse of Hrimgar. Hrimgar is a Northern, viking-styled retreat which is just seeing winter's last breaths as the air begins to fill with early spring and the cropping up of new life.

Was found by Shock who brought me to the GoT where my talents might better serve them. Living in the brush has not been an enjoyable experience. Eily assigned the first mission: obtain something of value from The City of Fina. Have also been tended to by the slave known as Endy.

Also visited the local village tavern, meeting a free man named Sean where we shared mead. The locals seem very hospitable thus far.

A few days ago, some beasts showed up at the docks, though I am more concerned with the dock eels. Off to Fina next to complete my mission.

"There is much danger in the north, and much to know." (Beasts of Gor, p.322)

"Hrimgar" is the Gorean word for "barrier". There are numerous passes in these mountain chains. 


  1. "Have also been tended to by the slave known as Endy."

    Endy chuckles.... I can see Misha's eyebrow raising already as he tries to puzzle out from that sentance "did they... didn't they?"

  2. Tsk, tsk. One would not quickly forget your white silk status. Perhaps the real question is whether I would be impractical enough to lower your value by taking it away...

  3. Endy wonder if he needs to ask Ellie for his chastity belt back

  4. "Hmm.. That could be an interesting challenge. I do love a good challenge." He murmurs, holding his lock-picking tools close at hand.